Royal Knights

6’2 ’20 Kalib Matthews- The long, athletic guard prospect continues to set the tone and look phenomenal on both sides of the ball. He’s so smart and displays such impeccable instincts for the ball, especially on defense, and forces turnovers with ease. Matthews scores the ball very efficiently from all levels, but typically looks to get downhill and finish through contact at the basket.


The Renegades

6’7 ’22 David Tubek- The upside is fairly obvious with Tubek, who is still just beginning to realize how talented he can become. He carries himself with poise and seems to improve his feel for the game every time he takes the floor. Tubek scores the ball nicely from all three levels, possesses quality ball skills, and has a fantastic burst of athleticism, which makes him virtually unstoppable for most types of opponents.


Carolina Knights

6’1 ’19 LJ Rogers- The long, athletic guard prospect was easily among the most reliable performers for this Carolina Knights team. He’s calm, poised, and physical at all times, which allows him to operate with or without the ball and make a constant impact. Rogers shoots the ball quite well from the perimeter but is at his best when getting downhill and attacking the rim.


NC Empire

6’3 ’20 MJ Wilkerson- The athletic wing prospect had another performance worth remembering, affecting various facets of the game while leading and setting the tone on both ends of the floor. Wilkerson is an excellent penetrator with a useful pull-up jumper and the ability to play above the rim quite frequently. He’s extremely tough to contain in transition and makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands.


Royal Knights

6’1 ’21 Javonte Waverly- There isn’t much more to say about Waverly, who has been nothing short of dominant throughout these last few weeks. He’s a true two-way leader with a fairly complete skillset and the ability to consistently outwork his assignment in every facet of the game. Waverly scores the ball exceptionally well on all three levels and makes brilliant passes to his teammates. College coaches need to take a closer look here.


WBC Elite

6’6 ’20 Trey Pittman- The glue-guy of this team is certainly Pittman, who simply looks to do whatever his team needs of him from a game-to-game basis. He is an effective scorer that can work the two-man game nicely and fight for rebounds on both ends of the floor. Pittman looks to make the right play whenever possible and defends nicely along the perimeter for his size.