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A look at 6’8 Senior Lennard Freeman

Lennard FreemanPlayer: 6’8 Lennard Freeman
Class: 2013
High School: Oak Hill Academy
City: Mouth of Wilson
State: Virginia

PPG: 6.4
RPG: 6.0
FG%: 54.2%
Academic Honors: 3.8 GPA First Semester

Comments: The young PF just turned 17 this past December and his strength and athleticism are advanced for his age. That being said Freeman appears to be a “gentle giant” among his high school peers. In speaking with him, one can easily tell he is truly a terrific and humble young man. He is polite and is a “yes/no sir” type of person. In speaking with Coach Steve Smith, he stated Freeman is a high character young man with a tremendous work ethic. He has worked hard in the classroom and his academic progress that increased as much as his play on the basketball court. Freeman was eager to tell us that he sported a prestigious 3.8 GPA in his first semester at Oak Hill. He mentioned this with a huge grin and smile and one could easily see how much it meant to him. When we first watched Freeman back in October and November, it was evident that he had a physically mature body and his strength and athleticism were his two biggest attributes. He is a true team player and will do all the little things that need to be done in order for the team to be successful. He is an active rebounder and the majority of his points come off offensive rebounds. Freeman’s statistics may not “jump” at you, but once you watch his effort and passion on the court, you will be impressed with his upside and potential. His high motor approach to the game is appealing and will become an important “glue” guy to any team at the high major level. First of all, he is a solid student, but his high character and work ethic will set the tone for others at the fortunate college program. According to Coach Steve Smith, “he brings it every single day to practice and always has something to prove.” While many young power forwards like to float on the perimeter, Freeman knows and understands his role quite well. He loves to play on the interior and bang and bump with the best of them. He is constantly moving and being active on both ends of the court and his passion and work ethic tends to rub off on his teammates, it is contagious! While Freeman has tossed the idea of a 5th year prep school, we strongly believe going to college, even if it means redshirting his freshman year, would be the idea situation for him. Currently, his strength and athleticism are ahead of his current skill set, but once he learns so “go to” moves on the interior, he will become a valuable contributor at the high major level.

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6’8 senior Lennard Freeman (OHA) just turned 17 this past December. He has gone back in forth between entering college and attending a fifth year prep school. According to Freeman, he has offers from UAB, NC State, Rutgers, DePaul, Seton Hall, USF and Villanova. Freeman is a high character young man with a tremendous work ethic. He is a high-energy player and could be that “glue guy” at the next level.


Freeman physically mature “college ready” frame is impressive. The active and strong rebounder often sets the tone on the interior for Oak Hill. He plays hard and has good anticipation for missed shots. As we stated previously, Freeman strength and athleticism is further ahead of his skill set, but he will continue to garnish interest from mid to high major schools. Currently, Freeman is averaging 4.0 PPG and averaging 18 minutes per game. He is shooting 50% (9-18) from the floor and 40% (2-5) from the free throw line. He is the team’s second leading rebounder with 6.1 RPG. While his numbers may not jump out at you immediately, he is a true warrior on the interior and his work ethic is appealing. 


Freeman has a physically mature “college ready” body and is active on the interior. He set the tone early for Oak Hill by his hustle and rebounding by getting his hands on many loose balls. He anticipates well off missed shots and has a knack for being in position for many offensive rebounds for easy put back points. Currently, his strength and athleticism is further ahead of his skill, but will be a late recruiting target for many D1 schools.

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