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Terrell Webster 6’3 145 2023 McKinley MS, Washington DC

Terrell’s length at just shy of 6’4, his agility and overall athleticism jump out at you immediately. His sinewy frame and broad shoulders suggests plenty more vertical growth is likely and his movements are graceful and fluid, his playmaking skills elite and his feel, natural. Terrell is capable of playing either guard position productively and guards multiple positions effectively. Off the ball his ability to knock down shots from all levels is complimented by his high volume scoring potential off the dribble. He has a high release and sound shot mechanics with very good range. Uses a quick and powerful step back dribble move to create space for the jumper or as a change of direction move. He has the ability to produce an explosive burst off a breakdown move. His length and high release make it difficult for defenders to contest his jumper and his shot making consistency often forces hard closeouts. Terrell plays off those closeouts so well attacking with athleticism and length employing his rangy strides allowing him to eat up real estate quickly. He’s a dynamic playmaker in space and in transition demonstrating very good vision and passing skills and using his crafty handle to create for himself and for teammates. As a ball handler he uses dribble hesitations and changes speeds nicely. Despite his length he is able to keep a low dribble when needed especially as he rips off a lethal crossover dribble move which, accompanied by his decisive and long strides allows him to blow by his defender effortlessly. Terrell attacks the basket with a vengeance and is able to contort his body and finish using his long wingspan and length against taller defenders or just explode to the rim and dunk. He has impressive leaping ability which allows him to play above the rim easily. Terrell does a good job finishing through contact showing good upper body strength to endure contact and the ability to hang in the air and fight off contact to get his shot off. He is a ball hawking defender again capitalizing on his length and using his quick feet and lateral mobility to contain the dribble. He plays the passing lanes nicely, has great anticipation skills and he’s a very good rebounder. Terrell is a special basketball talent with huge upside and an intriguing physical profile. Also a high academic student athlete and perennial honor roll student. He ranks among the top players in the 2023 class and is on his way to blowing up on the recruiting scene in the DMV!