Today starts the opening day of the 2018-19 Division 1 Basketball Season. This is like a holiday for us here at Phenom Hoops, finally after the entire off-season of waiting, today starts the beginning of the best five months in all of sports

In honor of today we wanted to shout out all of the players that participated in Phenom Hoops events, who on Division 1 rosters. This is a huge accomplishment, the pinnacle of many players’ dreams. We first off want to thank each of them for trusting in Phenom Hoops, to handle at least a part of their exposure and growth coming up.

Fifteen years ago, Rick Lewis started running NC Phenom 150 and NC Junior Phenom camps in Huntersville, North Carolina with 30 players attending. After those fifteen years, Phenom Hoops has grown to an entire menu of exposure and growth opportunities. In the 2018 calendar year alone, Phenom Hoops has had over 20,000 prospects from 26 different states (and Canada) walk through our doors.

For Phenom Hoops’ first 10 years, Founder Rick Lewis built a sturdy a foundation by doing things the right way and providing exposure for EVERY player who attends camps. In 2013 Jamie Shaw joined forces with Rick Lewis and Phenom Hoops’ started doing events outside of camps. Since 2013 Phenom Hoops has rapidly grown their high school showcases and travel ball tournament menu. In this time they have built “must stop events” for the nation’s elite. Currently there are 24 players, who spent their time playing in Phenom Hoops’ events, under NBA contracts. The 2017 NBA Draft saw ten (10) players drafted, while the 2018 Draft had seven (7). Of these 17 drafted in the previous two NBA drafts, seven (7) were drafted in the Lottery. You can CLICK HERE and read more about those NBA players.

This write up is about the players playing NCAA Division 1 basketball and shouting out all of the players who will be playing Division 1 basketball this year.

Currently, for the 2018-2019 season, there will be 439 players who came through Phenom Hoops’ events playing Division 1 basketball. This is a staggering number as there are only 351 teams in Division 1. This means there is 1.25 players per Division 1 program who came through Phenom Hoops’ events.

Let’s dive in a bit more …

139 of these prospects are playing in the Power 7 Conferences (ACC, SEC, Big East, Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12, AAC). 62 of the 87 teams in Power 7 Conferences carry at least one (1) player who participated in Phenom Hoops’ events. This is 71% of all Power 7 teams and 1.6 players per Power 7 team.

195 of the 351 total teams in Division 1 basketball carry at least one (1) player who participated in Phenom Hoops’ event. This is 55% of all Division 1 basketball programs.

31 of the 32 Conference across the Division 1 landscape carry at least 1 player who participated in Phenom Hoops’ events.

Furthering this notion, there are three conference where EVERY team carries at least one (1) player who participated in Phenom Hoops’ events

  • ACC (15 of 15 teams)
  • Big South (11 of 11 teams)
  • Southern Conference (10-10 teams)

Let’s take a look at which teams carry the most players who participated in Phenom Hoops’ events

  1. Wake Forest – ACC (9)
  2. Clemson – ACC (8)
  3. Appalachian State – Sun Belt (8)
  4. Charlotte – Conference USA (8)
  5. College of Charleston – CAA (7)
  6. UNC – ACC (6)
  7. NC State – ACC (6)
  8. East Carolina – AAC (6)
  9. Old Dominion – Conference USA (6)
  10. Campbell – Big South (6)
  11. Presbyterian – Big South (6)

Here are the seven (7) conferences who have the most teams with at least one (1) player who participated in Phenom Hoops’ events

  1. ACC – 54 Players
  2. Big South – 40 Players
  3. Southern Conference – 33 Players
  4. Conference USA – 32 Players
  5. Sun Belt – 23 Players
  6. SEC – 22 Players
  7. AAC – 22 Players

With an NCAA Compliant recruiting service which has over 160 schools who subscribe there is no doubt that Phenom Hoops’ exposure is a real thing. Not only does this speak toward the exposure platform with the amount of college coaches who pay attention, it also speaks toward the amount of talent Phenom Hoops’ hosts each year.

Again, 2018 saw 20,000 prospects come in from 26 different states (and Canada). In looking at the way the NCAA is pushing the current landscape, it is more imperative than ever for players to attend reputable events, run by people coaches will talk to.

Today starts Day 1 of the best five (5) months in sports. Good luck to everyone!