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Jordan Parham 6’0 150 2020 Hugenot High School

Jordan is one of the better shooters in the state but can also handle the ball and create offense for him and
for teammates with the dribble.  He does a great job using the threat of his jumper to draw defenders,
attacks closeouts aggressively and uses hesitations and quick acceleration to beat his man and get into the
lane.  Jordan puts a lot of pressure on the defense not only with his shot making skills but also with his
scoring ability and quickness.  He is fearless on the floor and has a flair for the spectacular, a big shot
maker in the clutch!  He can get any shot he wants and has great shot efficiency.  Jordan can put the ball
on the floor and create his own shot from anywhere on the floor and doesn’t need much space to get his
shot off.  He’s very difficult to guard because he is always in motion and he possesses a quick and
consistent release on his shot.  He has great footwork when coming off screens, always ready to shoot.
Jordan is good at changing speed and direction and handles the ball extremely well.  He can stop on a
dime in the open floor and, using his excellent footwork can separate from his defender for open jump
shot. He has “in the gym” range!  He has excellent vision while driving to the basket and is a threat to
find the open man when defenders focus on him too much.  Jordan is a solid finisher who can get into the
body of a defensive big; he can get crafty and finish or finish with a dunk and absorbs contact quite well.
Defensively Jordan uses his very good quickness and lateral mobility to contain the dribble and is a high
IQ defender with great instincts and athleticism.  He already holds an offer from D2 Virginia Union
University.  Jordan holds a 3.7 gpa proving his work ethic in the classroom as well as on the basketball