Good weekend at Prohelific Park as we had some of the top middle school prospect in the area load in the gym for Jr Phenom 150. There was a lot of players that head their own this weekend. I will give you some of the young guys that caught my eyes this weekend.

4’11 2023 Jaden McCall (Greensboro, NC)

Great playmaker with good vision. He has good handle that he used to get to the spots on the floor to get his teammates the basketball in scoring positions. Kid has a good IQ for his age and moves well without the basketball.


5’0 2025 Mari Larry 5’0 (Windsor, NC)

Larry is hard to stop when he gets the ball in his hands and is attacking the basket. Has nice size for age. Loves to attack downhill and has very good upper body strength. Also a very good athlete he does a good job of finishing in transition.


5’6 2024 Damari Cooper (Gates, NC)

This guy has a great body and was very dominate in the paint. He has great hands that he used when getting the ball in the paint. Once he gets the ball it was a bucket. Did a great job of rebounding his teammates misses for easy put backs. Did a great job of running rim to rim. Beat his defender a couple times down the floor for easy baskets in transition.


5’4 2023 Jayden Harper (Asheville, NC)

Player is a three-level scorer that does most of his damage of the dribble. He has shoots the ball very well. Understands how to move without the basketball. Has a very nice touch and did a great job of rebound his misses when he was short on his shot.


Joshua Moore 5’4 Columbia SC 2023

Moore is a basketball player. He’s a team player that did a lot of things to make his teammates better. He has great size and can play multiple positions on the floor. He had a tight handle and very nice range on his jump shot. Looking forward to seeing how he will develop over the years.


Caleb Jenkins 5’5 Sumter SC 2024

Guard that has cat like quickness and really good handles. He’s a blur on the floor has a really quick first step. It was very hard to keep him out of the lane and making plays for his teammates. He is also really good on the defensive side of the floor staying in for on ball handler and making him turn the ball over.


5’9 2023 Kaden Ross 5’9 (Charlotte, NC)

Ross has something that you can teach that length. His length gave teams problems all day as he was able to get in the passing lanes and get a lot of deflections. He’s not too bad on the offensive side either as he was able to use his quick first step to get by defenders to get to the rim to score.


5’9 2023 Aidan Flippini (Virginia Beach, VA)

Thought Flippini played very poised on the floor today. He is patient and very fundamentally sound. Made very good decisions with the basketball and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. Does a good job of running a team. Has the makings of being a special point guard for a high school team in the future.