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Coming up as a player in high school I played in hundreds of events and tournaments and the Phenom Hoops tournaments were always some of my favorite events to play in. Of course, as a high school player I loved seeing my pictures and tweets about me whenever I would play well those were always exciting of course. But what I appreciated most about Phenom Hoops platform they provided was how often they saw you and got to know you as a player. Rick and Jamie along with the numerous people who have come through the Phenom Staff have seen me play so many times that they knew me as well if not better than some of my coaches. Rick and Jamie worked with my high school an AAU coaches often to help myself and a lot of my teammates get recruited at several different levels. This is what makes Phenom Hoops different than many other services, they can place players at any level. As a senior in high school my team had 6 players who went on to play in college at all levels. We had players who ranged from NAIA- The ACC.

The one Phenom event I remember more than any other was a preseason Jamboree we played in before my senior season started. Jamie had been to a couple of our preseason workouts and had a very good idea on what kind of team we had that season. Going into this event my coach had asked to play in games that “college coaches are going to want to watch.” We played three games and they were all watched by several college coaches from all levels. We had Juco/ D3 coaches watching a few of our games, then we also had schools like Clemson, UVA, Davidson and people watching us play in the same event.

These things are what made Phenom so special to me as a player and made this past summer such a special experience to me. The great natured staff who is all about helping kids reach their dreams in any way possible whether that is playing D3 basketball like I went on to do or helping some of my best friends get to the ACC. This summer I would still laugh and show some of my coworkers the articles and tweets that the Phenom staff used to put out about me.