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Player Profile: 6’8 ’20 Sam Hood (Millbrook & Durham Hurricanes)

There are numerous factors that go into a player’s recruitment, but being known is probably the most important. Sometimes it can be difficult for a prospect to get noticed, even if they are playing at a high level and doing everything right. That seems to be the case with Sam Hood, a 6-foot-8 big man who has boosted his stock tremendously over the last few months playing with the Durham Hurricanes. He possesses a modernized skillset for his position, able to stretch the floor and frequently manipulate defenses in the process. Hood’s role on the Hurricanes is arguably the most valuable, given his strong rebounding and rim-protection. That being said, he’s a likely candidate to breakout of his shell during the upcoming high school season with Millbrook. Most people still don’t know Hood, but that’s almost guaranteed to change in the next few months, as he should begin collecting Division I offers hand over fist.


Though somewhat reserved, Hood plays with a mean-streak and has the ability to affect all facets of the game. Offensively, he’s a true three-level scorer and phenomenal threat in the two-man game, able to pop or roll quite efficiently. His feel for the game is impressive, especially as a big man on the perimeter, where he can hurt opponents and penetrate off the bounce. Hood is an unselfish, willing passer and looks comfortable making plays in tight spaces around the basket. What typically catches opponents by surprise is Hood’s athleticism; he’s bouncy and shows no fear when attacking rebounds. He plays above the rim pretty regularly and absorbs contact exceptionally well on finishes. In spite of all that, most of his upside is on defense, where he’s already showing signs of being a quality shot-blocker and overall defender at the next level. Hood is unique and should flourish in the college game, but he’ll need to continue leaving his mark on college coaches throughout the upcoming months. He’s already playing like a senior, but still has another full year to sharpen his tools and add strength before. Look for Hood to begin making splashes sooner than later.