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The Caleb Mills experience has been extremely intriguing and, as we stated last month, his path was oddly similar to Nate Hinton. Well, now the duo is planning to suit up together for the next three years at the University of Houston after Mills commitment over the weekend. Like Hinton before him, Mills caught a lot of people by surprise with the decision to attend Houston, simply because he collected an abundance of other attractive scholarship offers. However, our Rick Lewis has felt like Kelvin Sampson would ultimately land the Asheville Christian/PSB Elite guard for quite a while, and he was right. There is nowhere else that’ll provide Mills with a better situation to maximize his abilities while still maintaining growth as a player.

It’s somewhat shocking that this whole scenario has unfolded for Mills. He has truly been playing the exact same way for the last few years, but just didn’t get enough attention from college programs. Then, as if there was a paradigm shift, college coaches started to fall in love with the 6-foot-3 guard prospect. He quickly became the most desirable, previously “unknown” commodity on the open market. Mills received his first two offers in 2016, from Lipscomb and Wintrop, but wouldn’t collect another one for a full year. Appalachian State, Liberty, Western Carolina, High Point, George Mason, and College of Charleston were the six offers that he acquired during 2017. After Wofford offered this April, the floodgates broke loose and Mills piled up one scholarship after another. Starting in May of 2018, he was offered by UNCG, Charlotte, Towson, Cincinnati, Boston University, Old Dominion, Houston, VCU, Murray State, Clemson, Xavier, Mississippi State, Saint Louis, Providence, Florida State, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Lehigh, St. Joe’s, Wake Forest, Marquette, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Harvard, and Tennessee. It seemed increasingly likely that Mills would select from his first eight schools and thrive at the next level, but his accumulation of high-level offers was too much to ignore.

In terms of fit and overall style, Houston should be a quality choice for the combo-guard, especially alongside a similar guy in Hinton. Mills is an extremely smooth, fluid scorer with ball-handling or spot-up capabilities. His frame/length have always been quite intriguing, but he can still become more physically imposing and start controlling action defensively. However, Mills has built his reputation through effortless three-level scoring, and that’s never wavered. The term “three-level scorer” can be used in excess, but Mills actually is, and consistently applies pressure as an offensive threat in every single game where he’s featured. His ability to create offense for himself is exceptional, but he’s continued to make strides as a playmaker for others and makes the correct read nearly every time. Wait until Mills steps on campus, where he could immediately emerge as a fan-favorite with his relaxed demeanor and highlight-reel scoring display. It’s been fun watching the national media finally give the guard prospect a fair shake, but don’t be surprised if this buzz carries into the high school season