Team Invasion 15U

DeAnthony Butchee 5’9 – This kid has two skills that you can teach that’s speed and athleticism.  He His anticipation skills are off the charts he scored the team’s first 12 points off of steals and fast breaks for uncontested layups. What makes him unique is that he is going left and you know he’s going left but can you stop him? He is very craft with the basketball and know how to use his body to shield off defenders for layups that are usually and one baskets. Finished the game with a game high 30 points. The scary thing about DeAnthony is that he a sophomore and has three years of high school where he will be at Southwest Guilford under Coaching Shavers. Who will be a High School basketball Legend when his time up.

Phillip Williams 6’1 – Player did a lot of unique things on the floor today. He has the best second jump than anyone on the floor today. Watched him use his athleticism to throw the ball of the backboard to rebound it and score it before his defender got of the floor. Shot the ball really well today from behind the arc. Definitely has huge upside and a bright future.

Upward Stars 15U

Christian Cornish 5’11 – has an unbelieve motor for his age. He was absolutely everywhere on the floor. Did great job of rebounding and fighting for 50/50 balls giving his team extra possession. When you first glance at him it’s not hard to see that he has a very strong upper body which his physical gifts to get tough baskets at the rim. Can’t wait to see how this prospect will develop. Once his skills caught up to his athleticism he is going to be a very good college prospect.


Charles Walker 6’0 – He’s a three-level scorer that hit some huge shots down the stretch to give his team some breathing room. Has great form on his jump shot and a nice touch. He’s a combo guard that uses his size to go in the paint and rebound the basketball. Will be a player to  watch going forward.


Team Fly

Javon Smith 5’11 – point guard that with great vision that uses change of pace to get to his spots on the floor. Good IQ and has a good understanding of what his team is try in to accomplish on the floor. Scored 10 points in the first half. Got his teammates more involve in the second have as the game was a tight intense game all the way to the finish.


Higher Level U16

Luke Triggs 6’5 2021 – This kid is a force down low. Very skilled low block scorer with soft hands. I thought he should have had more touches because he was absolute un-guardable. Very strong upper body strength. He uses his body and shoulders very well as he out muscled everyone who attempted to guard him.  He really showed up at the end of the game and in overtime. What surprised me was his foot work for a kid his size. If this kid continues to grow I think he has to shot to be a high major prospect.


WCBA Elite White U15

Alvin Cambell 6’4 – Love this kid’s game. He has all the tools to be a very special player. He has a good IQ. Understands that because of his size and wing-span he can take smaller defenders in the post and take bigger defenders from the triple threat position. Played really well in the pick and roll where he was able to get lay-ups or pick and pop from the three- point line where he shoots it pretty well.


LBA Thunder U16

Joridan Fox 6’5 – is kid with great size and a workhorse. He is very active around the basket. Makes a living in the paint out working his opponents for rebounds and put back. He also does a great job of running the floor.


Upward Stars U15 South Carolina

Cesare Edwards 6’7- This kid may have one of the biggest upsides of any kid I watched play today. He has great size and length to only be 15 years old. Does a great job of playing his role on the offensive and defensive sides of the floor. The thing that he does so well is REBOUND. Edwards had to have had 20 rebounds in the game. What makes him special is that he is able to rebound the ball look up the floor and outlet the ball to start fast breaks. Even witness him rebounding and starting a break with his ball handling. I really believe this kid has the potential to be recruited by high majors if he continues to develop.

6’1 Josh Beadle – Josh is the smooth operator player that does a good job of getting all his teammates involved in the game. He is a great passer and made a lot of plays with his High IQ and court vision. When need Josh did a good job of scoring the basketball on all three-levels. Plays with a very talent South Carolina team.

5’6 Omazeon Tinsley – This small guard is one of my favorite players. Please don’t let this little guy fool you. He can straight up ball. He has a really great handle that he uses to get to the basket and create plays for his teammates. If you leave him open he will make you pay. Has one of the deadliest crossover for his age group. Loves to use the “Jelly” in the open floor!