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E.A. Prep-Gold 6’7 Amiri Waddell

Waddell is a player with nice size to go along with his height. Strong bodied 4 man who’s mobile and crafty enough to chase instant mismatches. Against Hoopstate elite he put on a scoring clinic scoring in a variety of ways around the basket.

Florida Future 2021 6’4 David Lias

When watching Lias one will first notice how involved he is on every play. He crushes the board hard and plays with Tremendous effort. What one doesn’t notice right off the back is how athletic he really is. On numerous occasions the past two days he has taken flight on opponents. Lias is a walking highlight reel waiting to happen.

Florida Future 6’ 2021 Edward English

This Florida Future team has come into Summer Havoc on a mission to make a name for themselves. English adds to a star studded backcourt which packs multiple 3 point shooters. English moves so well without the ball and picks his spots nicely. When he’s coming off the catch it’s an after thought to what happens next. He has been knocking down shoots with high efficiency.

NC Cavs 2019 6’3 PG Quandre Bullock

Bullock has the look of a hooper and carries himself as such. From the flashy sneakers to the crafty moves. He had a unique style of play that fits his personality. He can knock down the 3, as well as take opponents off the dribble. Creating for withers is another area he thrives in also. Coaches should get a look here.

Team Loaded U14 5’8 PG Trey Green

Trey was the youngest player on the floor every game this week. That didn’t stop the rising 8th grader from competing hard. Green passes the look test and has game. His speed and handle puts him in the league with the elites. He can shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor. What I liked most about him is his ability to create for others. During one game he made a half court bounce pass to a teammate for a lay up. It’ll be fun to watch Trey as he progresses as a player

Team Loaded U14 6’4 Myahn Bracey

Bracey was one that I liked a lot throughout the Summer Havoc Showcase. He’s so skilled around the basket. He uses great footwork and his size to score the ball efficiently. On the defensive end he boxes out strong and grabs rebounds consistently. As his mid range game develops he will be even better. Coaches start tracking him now.