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PSB Winston

6’0 ’19 Jaeden Lanning- The most productive player in this contest was Lanning, who ran the lead guard position well from start to finish. He’s unselfish, frequently creating for others and making plays in the paint. Lanning should earn some quality minutes at Calvary next season.


6’3 ’19 Cliff Harris- The toughest player in this slate of games was easily Harris, who suffered an injury and continued onward in this contest. He is a proven three-level scorer and heady defender, but his toughness is often overlooked. Harris is so savvy and technically sound; he’ll make a college program really happy.


Overcomers Elite

6’3 ’19 Gilbert Thompson- The consistent two-way play from Thompson has been absolutely vital for the Overcomers success. He has looked excellent as a lead decision-maker and overall creator, especially when going downhill and finishing at the rim.


Attack365 2021

5’7 ’21 Brock Bowen- The most valuable player on this squad from their afternoon game was certainly Bowen, who hit one three-pointer after another and applied constant pressure from beyond the arc. He may be undersized, but Bowen knows how to let it fly.  


6’4 ’21 John Ward- There were various intriguing prospects from this Attack365 team, but Ward was easily the most unique. He has nice size and looks so comfortable scoring on all three levels. Ward is young and has a lot of tools to work with, so it’ll be interesting to see his growth going forward.


WBC Elite

5’9 ’21 Jaden Pierce- The undersized floor general was excellent in this contest, getting downhill and finishing through traffic with relative ease. He has a quick first step and displays a solid IQ for the game, especially when looking to create for himself.


Team Wall Dreamville

6’5 ’19 Camron McNeil- The mismatch tweener was arguably the most productive player on this Team Wall squad. He consumed a lot of space inside the paint and showcased the necessary athleticism to finish through contract. Defensively, McNeil was able to guard two or three positions quite well.


3 Ball Elite

6’2 ’19 Norman Nowell- The combo-guard has been one of the most effective guys from 3 Ball Elite, and he continued that notion today. He is a solid scorer, but his ball-handling and passing abilities remain the most reliable part of his game. Nowell also applies pressure as a pesky defender.


Team Xplosion

6’5 ’19 Christian Webb- There are various college programs who should look into Webb, who enjoyed an impressive showing today. He scores quite well inside the arc, especially when going downhill, and could unlock even more potential on that end of the floor. His versatility on defense was intriguing as well.


Bertie Elite

6’3 ’20 Joshua Burden- The stocky guard has been one of the main contributors outside of Deontre Bryant, generating offense and consistently making hustle plays on both ends of the floor. Burden is an improving shooter, but plays really hard and makes a constant impact.


CBC Fire

6’7 ’18 Moses Nueman- The big man for CBC was nearly unstoppable in this matchup, where he led his team in scoring and rebounding. Nueman harnessed his role quite well and exerted a lot of effort on defense.



6’3 ’18 Michael Cunningham- This CTAB squad was pretty intriguing, especially with Cunningham at the helm. He’s guard with an athletic frame and solid two-way instincts. He’s done a solid job as the lead decision-maker and scorer for this team.


Carolina Pressure

6’4 ’19 Jalil Robinson- The long, wiry guard is such an intriguing prospect, given his ability to breakdown opponents, get into the paint, and generate offense for himself or others. Once he gets on a college workout program, watch out, because Robinson could be really good.


Manzer Basketball Club

6’6 ’19 Davis Guyton- There are few shooters in attendance with a more reliable three-point stroke than Guyton, who plays such an entertaining brand of basketball. He possesses legitimate thrity-five foot range and isn’t shy about letting it fly. Multiple programs should be in active pursuit of Guyton.

6’0 ’19 Kendall Generette- The guard prospect for Manzer is a very solid two-way player; he’s long and athletic, which enables him to play heady defense. Offensively, Generette doesn’t force the action and prefers to score as needed while initiating their sets.


South Florida Kings

6’4 ’19 Cody Forbes Jr.- The versatile forward made a consistent impact on this game, on both ends of the floor. Forbes scored very efficiently inside the arc and rebounded at an excellent rate throughout.