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By: Kedrick Flomo

Day Two of #PhenomSummerHavoc here in Spartansburg, SC was another great day of action-packed hoops. Today was filled with many battles, as teams competed at a high-level in hard fought games. Throughout the day, several players stood out and made great impressions. Here are my top performers from Day 2 of #PhenomSummerHavoc:

6’1 2021 Combo Guard Brandon Brown: (16U) Team Xplosion – Virginia

Brandon is a smooth crafty guard that was scoring at all three levels today. He knocked down several jumpers from deep while mixing in tough finishes at the rim and floaters. Has a unique style of play, he was calm and confident today with the ball in his hands. Very high IQ and unselfish player, reminds me of Spurs guard Manu Ginobili at this level. A lefty that can shoot, finish at the rim, but adds in some flashy passes setting up teammates for easy baskets. He definitely entertained the crowd and was impressive in their victory over (17U) SC Playmakers.

5’11 2020 PG Griffin Ballard: (16U) Team Xplosion – Virginia

Ballard also put on a show for Team Xplosion in their victory today. He ran his team beautifully while also getting some buckets in for himself. Handles ball pressure well, instinctive when using ball screens. Griffin made the SC Playmakers defenders pay multiple times for going under the screen as he pulled from deep. Had a crowd-pleasing moment when he rocked a defender, snatched a between the legs dribble, and stepped back from three. He is a fun one to watch.

5’10 2021 PG Hamilton Campbell: (15U) Team Xplosion

Hamilton was exciting to watch today, brings a quiet confidence to the court. Does a great job of surveying the court once he has the ball in his hands. He often times passed his teammates open, possesses court savvy and moxy. In a losing effort, he played to the final buzzard. Hamilton is a young point guard that plays the position the right way, makes all of the right reads and passes. Instinctive player that makes reaction decisions on the floor. Nothing Hamilton does when he has the ball is predetermined.

5’11 2021 PG Javian McCollum: (15U) Florida Future

Nice floor general, the young point guard lead his team well. Florida future runs a fast-paced high-powered offense as they poured in 100 points today. McCollum orchestrated his team; he handles the ball well, and showed he has a middle game which is impressive at this age. McCollum is very under control as he beat his defender then pulled up for a sweet midrange or made a simple drop off pass on several occasions.

6’6 2019 Forward Tyler Nelson: (U17) Charlotte Royals

Nelson is a bouncy forward that loves to get downhill. Plays with a lot of passion and energy on both ends of the floor. His teammates feed of his energy; can do a little bit of everything on the court. Can bully smaller players in the post but also takes bigger players out and uses his quickness. He had several coast-to-coast drive and finishes throughout the day for his Royal’s squad. Rebounds well for his size using his athleticism and physicality, he is a player to watch here at #PhenomSummerHavoc.