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6’3 ’20 Deangelo Patterson (SCBA)
The SCBA 16U squad claimed the championship in the Silver bracket, but many spectators
didn’t realize how strong this team was, especially behind the play of Deangelo Patterson. The 6-
foot-3 wing is quite gifted on offense and was the unquestioned leader on the floor. Offensively,
Patterson is capable of scoring from anywhere on the floor with efficiency, but also showcases
terrific shot-selection and IQ when creating opportunities for himself. He defended at a quality
level, but his scoring ability was clearly his best attribute. That being said, Patterson played
within the team concept and never showed signs of selfishness. This young man will be an
interesting fit at the next level, wherever he chooses to further his career.

6’1 ’19 Devin Elliot (Mooresville Magic)
There weren’t many games with more excitement than Devin Elliot’s first showing of the
weekend, where he was one of the most intriguing prospects on the floor. Though somewhat
undersized, Elliot is a terrific two-way guard with incredibly quick hands and feet. Offensively,
he’s at his best when spotting up, but can also shift to an on-ball role, where he knows how to
effectively beat opponents off the dribble at will. His three-point shooting cannot be overstated,
as it was one of the Magic’s secret weapons throughout the weekend. He displays solid vision
and a willingness to make plays for others. Elliot forces turnovers at a strong rate and has
potential to continue improving on defense, which is a huge reason why every D2 program
should be interested.

6’3 ’20 LucRichard Rameau (NC Empire)
The NC Empire has been led by Myles Evans and MJ Wilkerson for quite a while, but the
addition of LucRichard Rameau has given this team a new dimension. The strong-bodied guard
is an excellent scorer, with an efficient three-level scoring arsenal at his fingertips. Rameau is a
walking-mismatch, given his combination of scoring, guard skills, and an incredibly built frame.
He’s not particularly quick, but Rameau is crafty enough to generate a shot from anywhere on
the floor, and also has pretty decent vision when penetrating to the basket. Defensively, he shows
an understanding of how to use his body and strength to his advantage. It’ll be interesting to see
how much of a boost Rameau’s recruitment will see over these next few months.

5’10 ’21 Jordan McPhatter (Team Charlotte)
The Team Charlotte squad featuring Jordan McPhatter is always must-see entertainment, given
their aforementioned point guard and a supporting cast of very intriguing prospects. Over the
weekend, McPhatter continued to lead this team and played a quality brand of basketball next to
Tony Waters. The point guard is simply craftier and has more savvy than almost everyone else,
but this is nothing new, as McPhatter has been consistently doing the same thing since bursting
onto the scene. His vision and passing are clearly his strongest attributes, but he also displays the
ability to score fairly well from all over the floor. McPhatter is a solid shooter from midrange
and three-point territory, but he actually finishes better inside amongst the big men. Folks will
always look at McPhatter and point to his size, or lack thereof, but he’s played up for the last few
years and has enjoyed consistent success throughout that process. The basketball talent in this
young man is overflowing, but only time will tell how things will unfold for the point guard
known as “J5.”

6’10 ’19 Deaundre Wilkins (Team Wall)
There always seems to be big men who just break out of their shell toward the end of the
recruiting process, and Deaundre Wilkins might fit that bill for this year. After seeing him in
various other settings, it was clear that the 6-foot-10 specimen is playing his best basketball with
Team Wall. On Sunday, in one game, Wilkins was more confident and productive than all the
other showings combined. He rebounded the ball at a high level and blocked numerous shots
against a long, athletic Team Felton squad. Wilkins is moving his feet really well, especially on
defense, which is why he’ll become a hot commodity over the next few months. Offensively,
he’s still growing, but continues to show signs of a formidable post game and knows how to
finish anything inside the paint. Keep an eye on Wilkins, because this July period could be huge
for his recruitment process.