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  1. The Hosts have to rebound

Calvary Day was the Jackson Gammons show on Tuesday and while everyone left the gym impressed with his outing, the Cougars will need more contributions in order to secure a win in their second game.

Gammons is on a new level he looked like the most polished scorer present on the day, he picked his spots and continually made tough shots in a 15 point effort, he’s added range well beyond the three point line, off the dribble Gammons looked lethal and Coach Rybak utilized his off ball skills as well.

“ I love being out here with my guys it feels good to be back, I think we have to do a better job coming off screens and moving off ball. Defensively we have to be more vocal and make sure we’re talking and have to be in help side more. Gammons said.

Calvary will need 2019 wing Cliff Harris to stay aggressive, he’s got the potential to form a tough one- two punch with Gammons. Harris has noticeably hit the weight room and through the spring he played with confidence. Harris wasn’t in attack mode earlier this week until late and it disrupted the offensive flow, Harris will have to take those shots he passed on early Tuesday. Josiah Edwards will be valuable at the point guard position as well, he provided a steady presence for Gammons to work off ball.

Edwards stepped up in the absence of starting floor general Jaeden Lanning, this group also got solid post play from Jack Wooten, he set the tone on the boards for this group.

“ Josiah is stepping into a big role because coach wants someone to play the one more so I can play off ball, I liked what I saw from him. Josiah took care of the ball, he attacked well, and with our younger guys they have to stay strong with the ball and keep learning, it’s a process.” Gammons said.

2. A new era for West Forsyth begins

The Titans brought Hoop State legend Howard West back to the public school scene and he’s looking to turn West around from a down year.

With seniors Ben Uloko and Maverick Larue off to the next level the Titans will have to establish a new identity. Aside from any major transfer announcements the green and gold will return seven guys from last year’s team. 2019 Ryan Ayers and 2020 Jay Mitchell will be two names to watch, these two will have to lead the charge for a group looking to return to relevance.

Ayers has shot the rock lights out with Flight 22 this travel season, his length and skill set will open things up for Mitchell to attack the lane. Mitchell is a tough finisher and last season he played within this rotation, but this year he will have to step into a bigger backcourt role.

3. HPCA will try to make all these pieces fit

The Cougars are talented but with so many new faces it’s going to take time to build chemistry and comradery.

KJ Garrett had a quiet showing against Cam Hayes and Greensboro day so the Cougars will need him to bounce back quick. Garrett will have another tough matchup today with Jalen Cone and Shakeel Moore in the opposing backcourt. The young floor general was battle tested all spring and came out shining, now Garrett will need his swagger back for the summer. Paired with sharpshooter Landon Sutton this backcourt has a chance to be very good.

Coach Cooper worked to establish Zach Shumate early and often to no avail, today he will get another chance to impose his will. Shumate has played his best hoops as of late, today will be a good test to bounce back in a matchup with 2020 6’7 Tavis Bridges and 2019 Zach Austin of BCBA select.

Jalen King Joiner looked good off the bench offensively but, with his length and athleticism he will have need to be an impact defender as well.

This group is talented and has had one total practice together so they are far from a finished product.