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Fresh off an invasion of the west coast Cone has embed himself in the conversation with the top scorers in his class.

Cone finished top 10 nationally in points per game last prep season and he’s looked sharp during the spring; at 5’11 Cone has elite athleticism, Cone has found a consistent jumpshot and added range behind the arc, Cone is also a gifted passer he sees the entire floor on the break. Over the last several months schools like; Kentucky, Va Tech, Wake Forest, and Nc State, have been tracking the four star flour general.

Cone has impressed on the Adidas Gauntlet with Team Loaded and he proved to be a crowd favorite at the Pangos All American Camp. The national media present took full notice and Cone seems to be in store for a major bump in the newest national rankings. Recently Cone spoke with Phenom Hoops about the Pangos experience, Cone went in depth about his performance, teaming up with five star shooting guard Josh Christopher in the backcourt, and gave us the scoop on Cali’s best ice cream joint.

“ The environment at Pangos was crazy I know all the top players in the country were there,NBA scouts and GM’s were there, scouts from all over the country were there so it was definitely the atmosphere any high school player would want to be in. My main goal was to go prove I’m the top or one of the top point guards in the country and that I’m a five star recruit. I feel like I proved that I am a five star recruit but I didn’t prove that I was the best point guard there, I know that’s one thing I fell short on because I didn’t make the top all star game, but I made the second all star game so still more work to do. I feel I proved myself there but I know I left with a bigger chip on my shoulder. “ Cone said

“ I was impressed with Josh Christopher he’s I want to say 10th in the country for 2020 and he was actually on my team, I never really thought much of him but I got to see him in person and play with him. He’s a good player I know one game we had crazy chemistry I know a few people dropped videos on it, but really playing with him and other top players was a great experience.” Cone said.

“That was actually my first time out to the West Coast it was amazing, the weather is beautiful and it’s just got a different feel than the East Coast, you actually feel a little different. There was a lot of traffic and there were a lot of people from everywhere! I didn’t get to do much sightseeing out there, but I definitely got to hit up this Ice Cream Joint called Afters and that’s definitely the spot when I go back.” Cone told Phenom Hoops.

Kentucky made headlines as the first blue blood to jump in on Cone but, Ole Miss is the latest program to offer Cone, and the Hoop State native plans to get down to Oxford for a visit. With the July live period approaching Cone is looking to turn more of the strong interest into offers, and show coaches he’s on a new level from the last live period.

“ Really every school is telling me the same thing, keep improving and the main thing just staying consistent out there. I really feel I’ve been doing that but I know when July comes I’m trying to show a different me, a better me and a more powerful me. I’m really just ready for July, but I know June 15th is about to hit so a lot of colleges are about to start contacting 2020 players such as myself, so I’m just staying patient and continuing to stay in the gym.

“ There is a long list of schools coming to watch me in July but I want to catch everyone’s eye from the biggest school to the smallest schools, I want everyone to realize I’m the best out here. Ole Miss is my newest offer and they’ve been busy in the hoopstate it’s a great school and I know they have a new coaching staff. I’d really love to get out there to meet their coach and see that campus” Cone said.