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LaMonta Ellis, Jr  6’4 180 2021 Hopewell HS/Team Loaded VA

LaMonta has a tremendous basketball body with plenty of length, wide shoulders and a long wingspan.  He is a very athletic wing who has successfully made the transition from post to wing but given his body and the versatility he offers he is capable of impacting games from a number of positions both offensively and defensively.  LaMonta’s high skill-level starts with his text book jump shot which was extremely reliable. He has fluid and consistent shot mechanics and a quick release. He is very intelligent about the way he moves off the ball and finds open looks, receives the ball shot ready.  He has significant potential as a shot creator as he’s an impressive ball-handler at his size showing terrific footwork and rangy strides attacking off the bounce. The threat of his jumper opens up other possibilities offensively and he is very good at exposing an aggressive defender or an overly aggressive closeout.   LaMonta is both a willing and able passer, seeing the floor well at 6’4, highly unselfish. He has excellent body control and sufficient strength to score on drives, has great balance and is quite shifty as he maneuvers through traffic. Very good at creating shots for himself either off the drive, spotting up or pulling up off the dribble in the mid range.  Excellent using screens and pin downs, footwork on his catch and shoot is fundamentally sound. LaMonta can post smaller guards and simply overwhelm them physically. Defensively his combination of strength, length and athleticism and a solid motor allows him to defend multiple positions capably. He’s been well coached and obviously has worked on his skill development.  With his tremendous physical assets and high skill level LaMonta is destined for success. He has all the tools to be a special player and should be on every college coaches “must see” list!

Team Loaded VA Coach Brandon Jones on LaMonta Ellis:   LaMonta “LJ” Ellis is a big guard who can play 1-4 and guard 1-4. His super long wing span and footwork allow him the ability to defend both on & off ball, rebound, and switch pick n rolls. Offensively, he’s one of those guys that comes around every once and a while, that can do everything across the board well. He can run the point and push on the break; he can attack and slash on the wing, post up smaller guards, & shoot off the catch or off the dribble.  He’s definitely one of the more versatile players in the state. LJ is super competitive on the court and almost transforms into another person on the court at tip off. He’s a deceptive athlete who is position-less because he’s so versatile. He comes off the bench right now for us but we view him as a starter. He’s one of those players that helps your team in so many different ways, but he just sees it as playing ball. Comes from a great HS coach and program at Hopewell for Coach Edmonds. I expect him to have a big time July and carry over into his sophomore season where I think he will be an all state selection.