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Joco All-Stars ELITE has kicked off its travel season with its second installment of Phenom Hoops Report ‘s Exposure Tournaments at the 3G in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This team is loaded with exceptional student athletes whom have already put their stamp of dominance at this weekend’s 3G Tournament at Freedom Courts! 


2019 Guards and Back Court Teammates, Deron George (Smithfield-Selma Senior High) and Jaquain Smith (South Johnston) continue to show recruiters why they are two of the most prolific guards of this upcoming Senior class who have a motor and a gear on both ends of the floor which College Coaches crave to have in their programs.  Both players have dominated at their positions earning MVP nods for many of their tournament games played at the TOC and 3G Tournaments. 


Also another noteworthy player is 15 year old Freshman Guard Class of 2021 Jeremiah Williams (Ravenscroft Upper School) who is demonstrating his elite status as a basketball player competing excellently against guys 3-5 years older than Him in the 17U/Unsigned Senior Division of play.  Jeremiah is no stranger to Phenom Hoops as He has earned praise-worthy write-ups and MVP honors for multiple tournaments.  At 6’3, with silky perimeter offensive and defensive prowess, he has earned interest from Division 1 Coaches with much more in store. 


6’2 Thomas Medlin (2019/Guard/Corinth Holders High) is a player with amazing grit and high IQ. He’s ability to always find the basketball on defense mixed with His ability to consistently hit the deep three ball makes Him a quick marker for collegiate coaches.


6’5 Jaland Randall (2019/Forward/James Hunt High School) is an exceptional player who possesses an excellent change of gear speed with a very good forte of athleticism.  Often Jaland will block shots, rebound the basketball, and lead the fast break creating either an assist or coast-to-coast finish.  His very good ball-handling and shooting skills from 15 feet extended makes Him a D1-Caliber basketball recruit which has taken the interest of programs.