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Someone asked me what I thought Andre’s strengths were and I simply said, “getting buckets”! He’s one of those players you can ask without benefit of a screen or a designed play to go out and get you a bucket, and he’ll go out and get you a bucket! He averaged over 31ppg at Lynnhaven Academy (Richmond VA) and according to MaxPreps was the 2nd leading varsity scorer in Virginia last season!  Andre is an ultra athletic and quick guard with very good strength and bounce!  He’s got high level quickness, good ball handling skills and plenty of blow-by ability.  He is a three level scorer with sound shot mechanics and a quick release.  Can produce on or off the ball. He demonstrates the ability to score from beyond the arc but is so good at getting clean looks on the move he gets an overwhelming portion of his shot opportunities in the two point area.  Andre scores off the dribble either beating his man with a combination of quickness and change of pace dribble moves or simply blowing by his defender and getting to the rim.  He keeps his head up on the drive and does a good job finding the open man.  He doesn’t force shots or take many I’ll advise shots rather stays within the flow of the offense but strikes like a snake at the first sign of daylight between him and the rim or the second a defender gives him just the slightest space.  His drive and kick ability makes him that much more difficult to defend. He elevates quickly and under control into his mid range jumper; his release is quick, compact with minimal wasted motion that allows him to get his shot off even in tight spaces.  Andre is a crafty finisher and finds ways to get his shot off against contact and against bigger players at the rim.  He brings great energy on both ends of the floor as he has excellent, quick feet and mind numbing stop and start ability that allows him to contain the dribble and make plays all over the floor defensively.  He has a nose for the ball and won’t hesitate to drop down inside and battle for rebounds.  Andre really competes on both ends of the floor and is a game changing talent.  It will be exciting to follow his career and with his ability to score at varying levels and in a variety of ways he certainly has skills that translate to next level success.  His high basketball IQ is also evident on the defensive end where he plays with great positioning and sound execution of fundamentals. He reads plays quickly and gets good position, and he’s got enough quick twitch speed to jump the passing lanes to get steals.  Andre is an exciting talent and has all the tools for a highly successful and productive high school career, one that should earn him opportunities at the next level! This young man can play!

VA Havoc Coach Chris Johnson on Andre Greene, Jr:  I have had the joy of coaching Andre since he was about 6 years old and he continues to amaze me with the things he can do on the court. He works hard on his game and has developed so well.  He is a high character young man, high academic student with a 3.5gpa and he has very supportive parents. He’s a big deal!