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6’3 ’19 Guard Jayden Neal
Neal has length, size, skill and a solid basketball IQ. He has been a tireless worker this summer
and will carry most of the scoring load during this upcoming season. He’s a tough offensive
player that can score on three levels. That being said, Neal may have more value on the
defensive end, where he gets deflections and intercepts the passing lanes, leading to turnovers
and fast-break opportunities.

6’5 ’20 Post Tyler Dishner
Dishner is a tough post player that loves to work and get position deep in the post for easy
chance opportunities. Dishner has excelled this offseason at improving his footwork in the post
and also has extended his range out beyond the three-point line.

5’11 ’20 Wing Jacob Price
Price has become a killer in the midrange. He’s able to get defenders off balance with a nice
array of jab moves to create space for jumpers. Price has been committed this summer to
extending his range from the three-point arc.

6’0 ’20 Guard Jackson Dobson
Dobson has a big heart and shows big time grit at the toughest moments of the game. He’s a
quality passer, always looking to get teammates easy shots. Dobson has worked on his ball-
handling skills and shooting from distance, making him a headache for most opposing guards.

6’0 ’20 Guard Grant Daniel
Daniel is a nice shooter that can extend the defense with his efficiency and high basketball IQ.
He has also improved his ball-handling skills in order to keep defenders honest on the offensive

6’1 ’20 Guard Gavion Taylor
Taylor is one of the most intriguing prospects on the team and could have a breakout year for this
Western Alamance squad. Taylor is a fairly complete player that can break down the defense
with his crafty ball-handling for easy scores. He can also shoot from the three-point line with
range and accuracy. Taylor can also cause havoc on the defensive end with his length, speed and

6’1 ’21 Guard Shane Petersen
Petersen is a smooth guard that plays the game with great poise for a freshman going into his
sophomore season. Petersen saw valuable minutes on the varsity team as freshman and applied
pressure on opposing defenses from behind the three-point line. He looks to be a key contributor
for the varsity team this season.

6’5 ’20 Post Noah Woods-Clay
Woods-Clay has great basketball IQ and he can make nice reads of opposing teams’ defense to
create easy scoring opportunities for himself and others. Woods-Clay has made tremendous
strides on improving his footwork in the post and extending his range to beyond the free throwline.
Woods-Clay has the ability to become a force if he continues to improve his offensive

5’7 ’19 Guard Luke Dobson
Dobson is a pure point guard on this team. He is an extension of the coach on the floor and his
leadership is vital for this teams’ success. He’s a great ball-handler that can also knock down the
open jumper when left alone.