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This NBA season has been a long, grueling road up to this point, giving the fans an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. We were deceived early to believe that this could be the year where somewhere other than the unanimous-favorite Golden State Warriors would claim the title. James Harden and the Houston Rockets acquired Chris Paul in an attempt to bring the Mike D’Antoni vision to fruition. They were considered the favorites to upset Golden State, but were ousted after an injury to the new point guard. The Cavaliers parted ways with Kyrie Irving, and whether LeBron James was involved or not, it ultimately hurt the King’s legacy more than anyone else’s. I’ve never been a stylistic fan of Irving’s play style, but it’s evident that he’s special and built for the current moment that this Cleveland team (sans LeBron) shies away from. So with the Warriors up 3-0 and slated to play in Quicken Loans Arena tonight, what does this mean for LeBron’s legacy?

If LeBron loses tonight, many people will never consider him the proper respect he deserves, much less consider him the greatest of all-time. Which is a travesty, because the man has done literally everything we could ask from an athlete and transcended the NBA during that process. Here is a short list of everything LeBron has accomplished since entering the league, fourteen years ago:

  • 2003-04 Rookie of the Year
  • 14x All-Star
  • 13x All-NBA (11 first, 2 second)
  • 6x All-Defensive (5 first, 1 second)
  • 3x All-Star MVP
  • 4x MVP
  • 3x Finals MVP
  • 3x NBA Champion
  • 20th All-Time in Minutes Played
  • 8th All-Time in Field Goals Made
  • 20th All-Time in Three-Pointers Made
  • 9th All-Time in Free Throws Made
  • 11th All-Time in Assists
  • 17th All-Time in Steals
  • 7th All-Time in Points
  • 2nd Highest All-Time in Player Efficiency Rating
  • 54,308 Career Minutes (Regular Season and Playoffs)
  • 3-5 Finals Record

Well, what do we take away from all of that? He’s one of the greatest ever, but once his Finals record goes to 3-6, it’s difficult to imagine the King to ever reclaim .500-status. It’s become fairly obvious that he’s headed for greener pastures, but no one has an idea of where that could be. LeBron has opened his list of meetings, but the fact that he’s even considering sitting down with his Golden State speaks to what the NBA has come to. Should he leave, James should go somewhere where he can let the current management and coaching staff do their respective jobs. This league has been full of surprises, but LeBron has been one of the most consistent people to enter the NBA since its founding. That being said, expect a league-wide shakedown once James’ moves his career elsewhere this summer.