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Phenom Hoops has been one of the trailblazers in grassroots exposure and have continued to hunt for the best prospects across the Southeast, regardless of player reputation. Far too often, guys are getting overlooked because of where they’re from or the competition they play, and that shouldn’t necessarily happen. That being said, we will dive into a list of scholarship-worthy prospects that should no longer be overlooked. 

6’ Alex Holm (Lincoln Charter)

Lincoln Charter has been one of the most exciting programs to watch play over these last few years with a 2018/2019 squad of Kody Shubert, Jackson Gabriel, Levontae Knox, London England, and Jehlon Johnson. However, Axel Holm could be just as vital as any of those guys going forward. As the first guy off the bench, Holm embraces his role and looks to bring a change of pace upon checking in. He’s crafty with the ball yet will also massacre teams who allow him to shoot from a standstill. Next season, Holm will need to take another step in his progression in order to absorb all of Shubert’s minutes. He has the ability, so it will just be a matter of executing things on the hardwood.

6’5 Lucas Jenkins (Mountain Heritage)

While Mountain Heritage has certainly been known for their football, many people have begun to take note of their very intriguing basketball squad. Lucas Jenkins, Callin Randolph, and Justus Shelton are their trio of prospects who play together year-round and it’s evident in their cohesive on-court product. As exciting as Randolph and Shelton are, most people already have identified them and know who they are. Meanwhile, Jenkins has flown under the radar for quite some time, which is somewhat of a surprise given how nicely his game can translate to the next level. He’s big and strong for a guard but also has the ability to make plays for himself or others with no issue. Jenkins displays a solid feel for the game, but should be a candidate to take a jump in his development process sooner than later.

6’1 Lamar Lightbrown (Durham Southern)

There was a period of time during the last few years where the Durham Hurricanes 2020 squad was consistently one of the best teams around the area. After losing Lamar Lightbrown, the team didn’t look quite the same, but the Hurricanes bounced back after his return and haven’t skipped a beat. He’s from the combo guard mold, capable of creating for himself, others, and playing off-ball quite well. If he can continue to improve the consistency of his three-point shot, Lightbrown could be a very intriguing option at the next level.

6’ Isaac Sinclair (Chapel Hill)

There is a short list of players who have been more poised at running the point guard position than Isaac Sinclair over the years. Despite his relatively slight frame, Sinclair truly knows how to play the game and has a terrific sense of his teammates. If he were a few inches taller, Sinclair would be getting recruited at the highest level, given his innate feel and ability to shoot the ball. However, he will be forced to work against the odds, a challenge he’s taken head-on thus far. Sinclair’s mind unravels like a coach and he takes pride in leading a team on both ends of the floor, always speaking up on the court and in timeouts. His future is exceptionally bright, but only time will tell how talented Sinclair will be.

6’2 Luke Stankavage (Ardrey Kell)

The journey for Luke Stankavage has been one bumpy road, but he appears to finally be on a calmer path. Nearly two years ago, Stankavage had already built the reputation as one of the most interesting freshman in North Carolina. He and Callin Randolph were each torching teams for 30+ points on the grassroots scene, before ever stepping on a high school campus. Then Stankavage made an even bigger name for himself, as the lone starting freshman on Providence Day School alongside Devon Dotson (Kansas), Isaac Suffren (Lafayette) Trey Wertz (Santa Clara). It wasn’t until he tore his ACL when things became difficult, but after a safe recovery process, he’s back to full strength and beginning to turn heads. Now leading his own high school team at Ardrey Kell, Stankavage has shown that he is a leader and belongs at the Division I level. He’s begun to accumulate offers, but programs should act quickly, as he will likely be a hot commodity over the next calendar year.