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The Triad area has been full of talent over the last few years and Phenom Hoop Report has been constantly tracking the up-and-coming prospects. Piedmont Classical High School emerged in 2017 as a legitimately intriguing program, with guys like Brian Free, Jalen Joiner, Elijah Joiner, and Shakeel Moore breaking out of their shell on the hardwood. Over the last year, Free committed, Moore moved programs to reclassify, and suddenly Jalen Joiner is expected to be in a leadership role next year. We sat down to talk with the 6-foot-5 wing about his development, goals, and his mentality towards the game.

JB: How have you grown over the last year?

JJ: I’ve been getting stronger and learning how to use my athleticism more in order to create higher percentage shots for myself. My handle and overall jumper have gotten better. Now I feel like I’m able to guard multiple positions, but I’m still working to turn myself into a true shooting guard at the next level.

JB: What are some goals have you set for yourself, this season and generally?

JJ: My goals over the next few months are to turn my interest to offers and prove to college coaches who are interested in me that I’m worth pursuing as a student-athlete. I’m still looking to add strength, speed, and improved ball skills, but I also want to start being more of a leader while leading our team to a third state championship.

JB: What are the latest schools to contact you?

JJ: Campbell, Bluefield, Francis Marion, Hampton, Howard, NC Wesleyan, Queens, Stetson, The Citadel and Wofford.

Joiner has continued to pile up interest from a variety of college programs, but those should certainly turn to offers sooner than later. He has made multiple strides throughout his development process and still has considerable upside remaining. Now in a leadership role as a senior, expect Joiner to take yet another step towards stardom this season, where he should be Piedmont Classical’s most consistent two-way presence.