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Chaunce Jenkins  6’2 150 2020 Menchville High School, Newport News VA


Chaunce is a lengthy 6’3 guard capable of handling the ball at the point guard and running an offense and also scoring off the wing.  He has a long wingspan and broad shoulders on a frame that suggests a lot of vertical growth potential.  As his body fills in he’s going to become a difficult matchup for opponents given his versatility and skill.  Chaunce is a sensational athlete with trampoline-like bounce.  He has a quick first step and an explosive last step making him tough to stay in front of on the drive or defend around the rim as he can elevate and score over or around defenders using his length and athleticism.  Not a flashy ball handler but solid, making good decisions and pinpoint passes.  Chaunce varies his speeds and stays quick and low as he attacks the paint off the crossover or inside out dribble move.  Also has a nice hesitation dribble move.  He is a willing passer on the move and understands how to set his teammates up for good looks off his dribble penetration.  His shooting guard size and scoring repertoire allows him to play on or off the ball with equally productive results.  He doesn’t just operate off the dribble as he can play off the catch as a spot-up shooter, cutter or slasher displaying the versatility he offers as a backcourt option.  He is a very good shooter on the move and really difficult to defend in the middle given his quickness and shifty playmaking style and ability to abruptly put on the brakes and knock down the jumper off the dribble.  He has a high release and gets very good elevation.  He’s really dynamic in the open floor showing the ability to accelerate and weave through traffic on the way to the basket or snap off a high velocity pass up the floor to a sprinting teammate.  He’s a guy who can start the break and finish it with thunderous dunks off turnovers and defensive rebounds while in traffic.  Whether he’s running the break himself or filling a lane as a finishing target, Chaunce really seems to excel in transition or in space where his physical talents and elite athleticism are on full display as his rangy strides and long frame allow him to eat up real estate quickly.  On the defensive end his length and lateral quickness can disrupt passing lanes and ball handlers.  He anticipates well and gets his hands on a lot of passes.  Chaunce is a very good rebounding guard with quick elevation