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5’11” Jaquante Harris
Taking it By Force (NC) 15s

Harris is an explosive guard who plays aggressively on both ends of the floor. Harris has been above the rim for a couple of years already. He has the ability to be a lock up defender at the point of attack, but he also plays an aggressive style offensively. Fayetteville guards have a distinct feel to their game, Harris is definitely next up when it comes to Fayetteville guards.


pic via Lance Gurley

5’11” Marshall Myers
Team Wall SE (SC) 15s

As a freshman, Meyers started as the varsity point guard at Cheraw High School. As a freshman, Meyers averaged 13 points, 6 assists, 3 boards, 1.5 steals per game. The long armed point guard has a natural feel on the basketball court. He is a quick twitch athlete, changes pace well and can make a team better on both ends of the floor … already.


pic via Andrew Ramspacher

7’2” Tavon Pearson (2022)
Team Wall SE (SC) 14s

You read that right, Pearson is a 7’2” 8th grader. He runs the floor well, has some fluidity to his gate and possesses natural timing and hand-eye coordination. Naturally he is still growing into his frame, he is still getting better and still improving. But there is a lot of interest here, a lot of intrigue moving forward and as the old adage goes, you cannot teach seven-feet.


6’1” Brandon King (2022)
Carolina Storm (SC) 15s

King is a well rounded guard. He does all the tough guy stuff naturally that allow a team to win. He handles the ball well and plays with great size, strength and energy on both ends of the floor. King can score the ball and, playing up here, should be one to watch. He has a lot of tools and should be one to watch closely moving forward.