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Marcus Delbridge  6’3 165 2020 Kempsville High School, Virginia Beach VA

Marcus brings an impressive combination of strength, quickness and a great motor to the court.  He rebounds aggressively, attacks the basket emphatically and is a double/double threat every time he takes the floor.  A tremendous athlete, physically gifted and displaying great versatility, Marcus combines physicality with a soft touch around the rim and on the mid range jumper and is fast developing a more complete game as his handle and jumper are improving rapidly to compliment his strong inside game.  Marcus finishes well around the rim with contact and is more likely to initiate contact as he attacks the basket displaying some creative finishing ability in addition to using his powerful upper body to finish. He has strong hands and does a great job protecting the basketball from defenders as he drives into traffic.  He is productive with his face up game and gets good elevation which allows him to shoot over taller defenders. Marcus has shown some creative playmaking skills using the ball fake and jab step effectively prior to putting the ball on the floor to get the straight line angle. He has a long, quick first step and is difficult to defend once he gets downhill.  His quickness and power allows him to thrive in close quarters. Ideal for pick and roll and pick and pop scenarios because of his ability to hit mid range jumpers and to score on the drive. Marcus is an absolute beast on the offensive boards, relentless in seeking out rebounds. The same thing is true on the defensive end where he has natural instincts for rebounds and the physical and athletic attributes allowing him to be a high volume rebounder.  Is able to keep the ball alive on the glass against taller rebounders which bodes well for him given his strong repeat jumping ability. Marcus is a pretty good post defender, he uses his strong body to keep taller opponents from being able to establish position inside and he does not let them post him up. Marcus has a mix of power, skills and balance that makes him a very interesting prospect. Despite being just a freshman he made an immediate impact for Kempsville High School last season and is a key part of a talented young team with high expectations.  Look for Marcus to put his name on the recruiting radar next season! Kempsville Head Coach Taft Hickman on Marcus Delbridge:  Marcus is very athletic and has the tools to be a big time high school player.  He can run and jump with the best of them. Came in raw last season but made great strides, played inside but has the potential to be a big guard.  Once he gets his handle down he could blossom in our motion offense. Marcus had two double/doubles for us last season and has the potential to put up solid numbers scoring and rebounding on a regular basis.