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Antione Bruce  5’10 155 2020 Armstrong High School, Richmond VA

Antione is an extremely athletic playmaker with a deft shooting touch and crafty moves to create shot opportunities for himself in the mid range and for teammates on dribble penetration.  He has excellent scoring instincts and the potential to be a prolific high school scorer as he shoots the ball at a high percentage on the move and scores from all levels. Most impressive is the fluidity of his game and the natural instincts he possesses on the court.  He can knock down shots from distance off a variety of dribble moves and not just off the catch or off of basic one dribble pull ups and he does it in such effortless fashion. Antione keeps defenders off balance with quick crossovers, inside out dribble combinations and stutter step moves, he sells the crossover well and can blow by his defender and burst into seams off each off his breakdown moves.  Antione is really solid in the mid range shooting off the dribble or on a catch and shoot. He has a quick, compact release with minimal wasted motion that allows him to get his shot off even in tight space. He shoots well from anywhere on the floor and possesses a pure shot, his mechanics are sound and every shot looks picture perfect. Has great range and can shoot comfortably from three point distance.  Gets his feet set and gets his shot off very quickly. He uses hop steps well and has a crafty playing style. Shows great poise and controls the pace of the game. In transition he has his eyes up the floor and can deliver pinpoint passes with great velocity. In the half court he is a patient, high IQ facilitator and moves the ball well, uses his dribble effectively in an effort to get passing angles or move defenders.  He’s a high volume scorer, doesn’t force shots or get caught in double teams with the dribble, plays with confidence and poise and lets the game come to him.  Antione can turn the corner or breakdown his man and attack with quickness and decisiveness. Defensively he is very crafty off the ball playing passing lanes, will drop down to help on defense or to rebound and rebounds very well for a guard as he has a long wingspan and very good jumping ability.  His quickness and high IQ are apparent as you watch him navigate the floor on both ends. Really looks like a natural! He looks comfortable even in pressure situations and late game possessions. Antione is capable of impacting the game with or without the ball in his hands and has elite level scoring potential. He’s a prospect that should garner the attention of college coaches now and with two years of high school basketball ahead of him should eventually be a highly sought after prospect.