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Location: Chapman HS Court 2

Elijah Davis, 6’4 2021 W with Team Felton 15u – Davis is a solid wing prospect that can get it done from inside or out. Good strength allows him to anchor at ease in the paint, finish in traffic, and hold the fort on D. He also showed the ability to step out and hit from distance if needed and while this part of his game is not as dialed in as it could be, its effective enough that you have to respect it. Showed a willingness as a passer but this part needs to be developed more as well. Good stuff to work with here, how he develops will be up to him.

Jaden Ellis, 6’ 2021 G with Team Felton 15u – Kid has a game that can go unnoticed to those not knowing what they are seeing. Game looks easy for him and as a result you can lose sight of what he is doing out on the floor. He isn’t flashy but he is very productive, filling up a box score in a very low key way. He’s a good passer, rebounds, scores, but how he goes about it does not always catch the eye. End of the game you look and he has 5-6 assists, 5-6 rebounds, 8-12 points and you can’t believe the numbers. These are not in blow-out minutes either. If he can get to 6’2 or better and tighten up some of the holes we see this kid will end up on a lot of radars.

Calan Riehl, 6’3 2019 G with Carolina Warriors – Played down in age group this weekend but don’t let that fool you. The numbers he put up were mostly due to the fact that this kid can flat out stroke it and while you can hide some parts of your game playing down, you can’t question the stroke. He catches and releases it faster than you can react and once out of his hands, it usually finds the bottom of the net. Would have loved to have seen him playing up but like we said, his major skill set translates at any level.

Anthony Breland, 6’ 2022 G with Team United 14u – This kid put on a show as he easily could have had double digit assists if his guys were finishing in the one we saw. Playing up, he was the most fun to watch on the floor. Great vision on this kid for his age and the ability to hit guys in rhythm for easy looks makes him a natural at the PG spot. A good first step gives him the jump on his defender and as he gains strength, look out. Hass all the makings and skill sets needed to be a D1 PG.

Anthony Callaway, 6’2 2021 F with Carolina Warriors – Springy athlete put points up on the board in bunches while we were watching. Plus motor and a nose for the ball helps him to be in the right place at the right time to make a play. Falls into the more athlete than player mold at this point but, when you have the physical gifts and motor he has the rest can come. You can take an athlete and make him a player, you can’t make a kid be athletic. Will be interesting to see how he develops. Will need to focus on growing his perimeter game.