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Location: Chapman HS Court 2

Undrea Lindsay, 6’ 2021 G with NC Heat – We have a soft spot for these type of do it all, hard nosed competitors. Kid plays hard and shows up all over the box score as a result of his efforts. Will not amass a ton of stats in any one area but what he will give you is 8-12 points, 5-8 reb, 3-5 assists on a regular basis. Add in the strength and physical nature in which he plays with and what you have is a solid prospect for the 2021 class.

Camarion Allen, 5’9 2021 G with Ball 4 Lyfe – Slender young guard impressed in the morning session with his ability to put the biscuit in the basket. Will get caught watching the play some on the defensive end but he is dialed in on offense, especially when allowed to get out and run. Showed ability to hit at all levels and enough play making ability to suggest he could handle the 1 as he develops. Needs to focus on becoming more of a complete player but tools are here to work with.

Jadin Merritt, 6’4 2021 W with NC Heat – Productive young wing is on the slender side but shows the makings of a player. Has a bit of a hitch in his shot but he is effective with it and can knock it down from beyond the arch. Also showed ability to get some tough points in the lane and off the dribble. This part of his game will get stronger we think as he does. Athletic frame/game is type that will add muscle easy. Lots to like here but far from a finished product.

Callahan Reed, 6’ 2021 G with Carolina Riptide – Look up the term glue guy in the dictionary and you might see this kids picture. He is what we call a “no worries” type of player as that’s what you have as a coach when he is on the floor. You can tell this kid has been very well coached and knows how to play the game. He is sound in all phases of play and does not need to have a ton of touches to impact a game. We have seen him go a few times these last few weeks and each time we have he has delivered.

Micah Williams, 6’2 2021 W with Carolina Riptide – Easy athlete just starting to come into the game it looks like. Shows great anticipation on defense and uses that, along with athletic gifts, to put points on the board. Great length and hops allows him to get his hands on balls he otherwise shouldn’t. Will need to get stronger and develop his shot/range some but make no mistake, this is the type of athlete that will grab attention from coaches at the next level.