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Queen City Showcase York High School Court 1

6’4 2021 Graham Calton Team Loaded

Big time player!! Graham gives you everything you could ask for in a player. He can shoot it from deep he just hit six 3 pointers in the game I watched. He passes the ball extremely well and can handle it enough o get his shots off the bounce. All these skills accompanied by his great size make him one to watch.

6’2 2021 Alphonso Smith Team Charlotte

I love players who make winning plays and that’s exactly what Alphonso did. He’s your prototypical combo guard with good size and scoring ability. His team was down 17 in the second half and he flipped the switch and locking up full court on the defensive side. He also got to the rim at will and did everything he could to make sure his team came out victorious.

6’0 2020 Kennedy Miles PSB Elite

As solid of a point guard as you could ever ask for. Kennedy does a great job of hitting the open man and knocking down shots. What impressed me most was his understanding of driving, drawing in the defense and dishing to shooters around him. Very fundamentally sound guard who makes a team full of shooters dangerous.

 6’9 2020 Cj Huntly PSB Elite

6’9 with a smooth shooting touch automatically makes you a D1 prospect. Add that in with how well he runs the floor and gets Cj has a chance to be special. He knocked in jumper after jumper against Team Charlotte and protected the rim. Cj will be one colleges need to watch in the upcoming Live Period.

5’7 2021 Aj Thompson Palmetto Hurricanes

A strong and quick guard gets wherever he wants on the court whenever he wants to get there. Add in the fact that he’s money from three and he’s a tough matchup for any team. He posed so many issues for other teams because of his ability to blow by you if you played too close or pull up on you whenever you decided to back up. Only thing Aj can do at this point is hope to get a little more height on his and all his opponents can do is hope he doesn’t.