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Queen City Showcase York HS 1,2,3

6’0 2019 Shakeel Moore Team United
Shakeel is as strong and athletic of a point guard as you’ll find. He came down the middle of the lane numerous times for thunderous dunks. Shakeel also showcased the ability to shoot the ball coming off the ball screen several times. He was impossible to guard in the ball screen, if the defender went under he shot it and if the defender fought over he was at the rim.

6’10 2020 Javarzia Belton Team United
Javarzia was the first person that caught my eye when I walked into the gym based off his sheer size. He is all of 6’10 and has a great body. His interior game is a little bit raw, but he did showcase the ability to be a skilled passer out of the post. He’s also a freakish athlete he had numerous dunks and snagged just about every rebound that came off the rim. D1 coaches need to check out this Team United squad.

6’3 2021 Sullivan McDermott Team Loaded
Sullivan showed a nice skill set and the ability to do many different things on the floor. What most caught my eye about him was his ball handling and passing ability for his size and age. Sullivan was the biggest player on the floor but had a lot of guard skills. If he keeps growing and developing Sullivan could be one to watch very soon.

6’2 2021 Jasiah Wilson Charlotte Nets
Jasiah has that junkyard dog type of game that everybody needs. He does a lot of the dirty work for this Charlotte Nets team and was a huge part of them winning in the game I watched. He did a great job fighting for every rebound, loose ball, and getting in the middle of things.