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Nation Ford High School

Courts One and Two

6’5 2019 CJ Allison: Synergy Elite Wise 17U/South Charleston High School (WVA)

CJ Allison caught the attention of everyone in the gym at 8:00 AM which isn’t the easiest thing to do, he did it with silky smooth shooting, and all around hustle that makes you think he’s the leader of this team on and off the floor.  Allison finished with 21 points on 5 made 3s, but what I like most about him is the way he plays for his teammates, he’s always the first guy to help his teammate up, passed up good shots for great ones, and just seems like the kind of player/person you want on your team as a college coach.  His skillset is definitely capable of transitioning to the division one level, hopefully this summer is a big one for him.

6’1 2020 Jerry Thomas: Kings Elite 17U/Thomas Jefferson Academy (GA)

Thomas has an absolute flamethrower and he knows it.  He shoots the ball with ridiculous confidence at all times no matter where he is on the court or who is in his face, Thomas is putting it up regardless of the defense or situation and it’s probably going in too.  I love the confidence on this kid and the fact that nothing phases him makes him that much more intriguing.  His team took a tough loss to a team that’s a year older, but Thomas and his Kings Elite squad held their own in a tough matchup.  For those that love shooters, Thomas is incredibly fun to watch.

6’4 2018 Cameron Whiteside: High Point Havoc 17U/Thomasville (NC)

Whiteside is one of the more versatile offensive players I’ve seen thus far today with the wide array in which he scores the ball.  He’s got a great first step that helps him get that extra little bit of separation when attacking the rack.  Whiteside has great size for a guard with his skillset and he’s not afraid to use it when going to the basket against smaller defenders.  He takes advantage of mismatches, and finds a way to create scoring opportunities for his team in a multitude of ways.  Coaches really need to check him out during the April live period.

6’6 2018 Khyrie Thompson: High Point Havoc 17U/Wesleyan Christian Academy (NC)

Thompson didn’t have an incredible day shooting the ball like he normally does, but what he did defensively grabbed my attention.  He’s just so long and when a switch is called out he doesn’t break a sweat and switches gracefully onto whatever position needed.  He was lost in the rotation behind Aaron Wiggins and Jaylen Hoard, but that never stopped his development into an extremely versatile offensive weapon with that unique combination of size and shooting touch.  Thompson is due for a big game here soon, hopefully later today.