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Queen City Showcase York HS 1 & 2

6’7 2021 Deante Green PSB
Deante has unlimited potential, and will no doubt end up being a very special player in the 2021 class. He already has great size for his age and that is accompanied by a great skill set. He did a great job of sitting down and posting up smaller guys, showed the ability to finish with either hand, block shots, and put the ball on the floor a little bit. The most impressive part of Deante’s game to me was the way he boxed out and fought for every rebound. Keep an eye out for him in the next couple of years.

6’0 2021 Joey Anthony Baker Team Loaded
A quick and shifty guard with good size for his age and position. Joey showed the ability to get to the rim and knock down shots but what impressed me most was his ability to distribute the ball. He did a great job using his quickness to get into the paint and find one of the many shooters on his team. Joey also really brought it on the defensive end picking up full court every time and giving the other team fits.

6’6 2021 Joseph Ferrante Team Loaded
Joseph has a nice game for his age and showcased the ability to do a lot of different things in the game I saw. He moved well without the ball, finished well around the basket, passed well, and knocked down a few jump shots. With Joseph’s size and skill set schools should be looking out for him in years to come

6’10 2020 Peyton Brown Team Phoenix
Peyton has the size and footwork skills to kill people in the post. He does a great job of burying opponents under the rim with his size, then using his soft touch to finish. At 6’10 Peyton moves pretty well and has a good understanding of defensive positioning especially in the middle of the zone.

6’7 2020 Alexander Holt Team Phoenix
Another really good frontcourt guy for Team Phoenix. Alexander does a great job of screening bodies and rolling to get himself easy baskets. He finished well and had soft hands to catch the ball and lay it in. Alexander is an absolute monster on the backboards and battles for every rebound. If you are a school looking for a solid 2020 big check out Team Phoenix.