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Team 6

#6 5’8” 2019 Benjamin Williams of Glen High School (Winston-Salem, NC)
Williams is a very passionate and hard-working player who will get to the rim and finish regardless of who he needs to go through, around or over. He has great speed with the ball in his hands and his foot speed on defense is great. Williams camp coach stated, “Benjamin makes plays for himself and others. He is not one to back down in any battle, he has that “eye of the tiger”. A great leader.”



#23 5’10” 2019 Tyler Harrell of Franklin High School (Franklin, NC)
Harrell does the needed things to make sure his team wins. He is able to get to the rim and score as he plays with an urgency to get the job done. He is not afraid to get after it, as he continues to develop he is one to watch play at the next level. Harrell’s camp coach stated, “Tyler has a high basketball IQ and the athletic ability to match it. He is every coaches dream player.”



#34 5’11” 2021 Zykimius McLean of Overhills High School (Springlake, NC)
McLean is a very good basketball player who plays at a very high level with his effort and ability to score the ball. He is a very good defender who has great foot speed as he is able to cover large areas of the court at a time. McLean’s camp coach stated, “Zykimius is a great shooter and is not bad at getting to the rim or in the mid-range. He has a great attitude and did well listening and putting it into the game.”



#51 6’ Unsigned Senior Robert Guyton of Christian Academy of MB (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Guyton is a good basketball player who is able to shoot, dribble, pass and play great defense. He competes from beginning to end as he puts an emphasis on winning. Guyton’s camp coach stated, “Robert is very coachable. He is a joy to coach in that as he does whatever is needed and asked of him. He is a great person and a player who will fit on any team”



#62 6’1” 2020 Jacob Price of Western Alamance High School (Elon, NC)

Price has good size and the IQ to go somewhere playing this game. Price has a high motor as he covers both sides of the ball and competes with the best of them. Price’s camp coach stated, ”Jacob is a very exciting and passionate player who takes the game very serious and plays like his life depends on it.”



#81 6’2” 2020 Lane Harrill of Cherryville High School (Cherryville, NC)
Harrill does a little bit of everything on the floor. He rebounds, shoots it, handles the ball and plays tough defense on and off the ball. He has a high motor and a good skill level as he plays to win the game. Harrill’s camp coach stated, “Lane has a great attitude and passion. He has the size and desire to be a force on someone’s college team. Keep an eye out.”




#93 6’3” 2021 Cohen Gaskins of Pinewood Prep (Charleston, SC)
Gaskins has great size and a great skill level to match. He is a great shooter at long range and can attack the rim off the dribble as needed. Gaskins is a very vocal player, talking non-stop on defense. He plays with an urgency to win at all costs. Gaskins camp coach stated, “ Cohen never takes plays off on either end and has a great IQ to go along with a strong frame and motor.”



#116 6’4” Unsigned Senior Tomas Butkus of Rabun Gap School (Rabun Gap, GA)
Butkus comes to play with an excitement and urgency that continues to spread through the entire team. He is very skilled at scoring and not afraid to get after it. He promotes teamwork and, at the same time, knows how to get it done for himself. Butkus’ camp coach stated, “Tomas is very coachable and would make any team better and immediately more competitive. He will do very well at the next level.” Butkus is a Division 1 level guard with great size and skill.



#122 6’6” Unsigned Senior Corbin Strother of North Mecklenburg High School (Charlotte, NC)
Strother walked in with great size and skill. He is able to finish at the rim, block shots, push the ball and run an offense. He has a very high motor as he plays from the opening tip to the closing whistle. Strother’s camp coach stated, “Corbin will be great to watch at the next level. He is a very passionate and hard-working player on both ends of the floor. Has a good IQ and is a team player.”