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The Phenom Top 80 event is the top showcase in the state, if not one of the more talent packed ones in the nation. Every year Phenom brings the best freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the state under one roof and let them measure themselves versus the best of the best. Look on the rosters of college programs all over the nation and you will find kids that have played in this prestigious event. With so much talent on hand kids know coming in the door that they need to bring their A games. Show well and see your stock rise like never before. Don’t bring it, and you miss out on a tremendous opportunity. With that being said, who caught our eye? Some of the standouts from this event were as follows:

Beau Maye, 6’9 2019 F at Hough HS

If you are looking for a guy to come in and own the glass this is the guy you need to come get. Rebounds seem to be drawn to him as he picks them up in bunches when out on the floor. One of the things we really liked seeing was his ability to outlet the ball and jumpstart the break. Such an underappreciated part of the game but Beau excels at it. Maye is a solid two-way player that you can put out on the floor and leave him there, never having to worry about him doing his job. Might not be the flashiest prospect here at this camp but he is one that has the most reliable type of game.

Jalen Benjamin, 5’11 2019 G at Leesville Road HS

Jalen is a kid that has scouts and coaches have known about for a while now. He has always played at a level beyond his years and has the type of game that’s just smooth. Nothing seems to rattle this kid out on the floor. He can run a team, shoot you out of the gym, and set guys up for success all at a high level. Jalen is slender and on the smaller side but he owns a huge game. He already holds 9 offers and the way he is playing we feel that number is on the low side. This is a proven commodity that is only going to get better as he fills out and adds strength.

Caleb Mills, 6’3 2019 G at Ashville Christian

We fell in love with this kids game over the summer. He is as long, versatile and smooth as any one you will find in the state. Several schools have already stepped up to the plate and but offers on the table for this kid. Scores like a 2, creates like a 1, and does all the little things needed to help his team win games. Nothing not to like in how this kid goes about his business on the court.

Jaden Springer, 6’4 2020 G at Rocky River HS

Jaden is a flat out stud. We could write a ton of stuff about this kid but nothing we could say would do his game justice. Kid is a star yet still plays the game as if he is hungry and chasing his big break. Kid can do it all out on the floor and proved yet again here why he is one of the top kids nationally in the 2020 class.

Imaje Dodd, 6’7 2019 F at Greene Central HS

Dodd is freakish in his athletic ability. During the combine portion of the camp, dude JUMPED OVER the vertical station. That means from a flat-footed jump he reached up over 11 feet in the air. That’s just stupid. Add in the fact that he is as strong as he is, he should be illegal out on the floor. He relies heavily on that bounce in his and who can blame him? Still needs to refine his skills some as a player but when you got bounce like him you are always going to find a way to produce.