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When the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) playoffs get to the third round and beyond, rest assured the games are going to be unbelievably competitive and the gyms are going to be packed and loud. That is right, South Carolina loves good basketball and with the state of SCHSL basketball right now, all that is left in 1A-5A is good basketball.

This was certainly the case in Sumter, South Carolina last night as AC Flora went to Lakewood High School. This match up was must see for Phenom Hoops because the coaches, Josh Staley (AC Flora) and Bryan Brown (Lakewood) are two of the best in the state. And each team’s roster was filled with next level talent.

AC Flora led this one for most of the way, however Lakewood was able to keep it between 3 and 6 for the majority of the game. Senior leadership from both teams, Zach Foulks (AC Flora) and Grant Singleton (Lakewood) steadied the ship, but the young guys really stole the show for us. Great game, great atmosphere, great programs!

Final Score
AC Flora – 57
Lakewood – 47

Player Standouts

6’1” 2018 Zach Foulks of AC Flora (Lees McRae)
Foulks just makes plays. The shooter is unafraid of any moment. Multiple times throughout the game he hit threes that shifted or stopped Lakewood’s momentum. He has a quick release and deep range. Defensively he showed aggression and quick hands in the open floor. He is more athletic than you think. Lees McRae will really like what he is bringing to the table, he has been a central figure in a lot of wins.


6’3” 2019 DJ Sinkler of AC Flora
There is something about this kid that you just cannot take your eyes off of throughout the game. He is animated and plays with great emotion so that may have something to do with it, however he can play too. In our mind, we expect Sinkler to take a major step forward this summer with his recruitment. He has all the tools of a D1 wing, with his long arms, soft touch and athleticism getting downhill. The confidence is growing and he is priming himself for a featured role next season. Colleges, get in now.


6’8” 2020 Patrick Iriel of AC Flora
Perhaps no one showed us more in this game than Iriel. We have seen a lot of him over the last couple of years, in the camp, AAU and high school settings. This game his leash was extended and he was able to go out and just have fun. That appears to be a problem for opponents. Iriel has great size and mobility. He has touch and elbow above the rim athleticism. He put the ball on the floor and showed touch at the free throw line. Iriel is a sure fire D1 guy at this point and if he is able to stretch to 6’10” we’re talking a possible top 150 type prospect nationally.


6’7” 2019 Juwan Perdue of Lakewood
What a difference a year makes. At this time last year, Perdue had all the tools but he didn’t have the make up of a killer. This year, that make up has come in spades. The lengthy and explosive wing has a “just win” mentality. He makes winning plays all over the floor now, scrapping and fighting and finishing with his head at the rim. The lefty is a highly explosive, quick twitch wing. He finished last night with 18 points and 16 rebounds to go with a handful of steals, blocks and deflections. If he plays his cards right he could become one of the hottest names in recruiting this summer.


6’6” unsigned senior Ahkeem Lawson of Lakewood
One thing is for sure, when Lawson gets the ball 10 feet and in he is more than likely going to score it at the high school level. He is strong, he has good quickness and he loves that left hand. Lawson is a bull on the block, able to score almost every time down the court when fed. He is a solid rebounder and has great touch to the free throw line to go with timing blocking shots. D2s should be living on this kid. If he goes the Juco route he could come out as a D1.


5’11 unsigned senior Grant Singleton of Lakewood
What an effort out of Singleton. He was put in a tough position this year as the natural scorer was also the only real ball handler on the team. He stepped up to the plate and played his heart out all season, giving an All-State effort. Singleton is a dead-eye shooter who can also get you in sets as a point. He got to the basket last night and really show cased next level talent. Newberry was in tracking his every move and rightfully so, he’d be an above their level snag. This kid is a winner and has that type of mentality. Mix a tough nosed leader with a winner’s mentality with the ability to shoot out to the volley ball like and ball skills and you got something.

Watch Out For

6’5” 2020 Quentin Hodge of Lakewood
Hodge has every single tool you would want from a high major wing. It is going to be fun to watch him progress over the next couple years. This year he played anywhere form 4th to 5th option when he was on the floor. However, he showed flashes when his number was called. On one play last night he attacked the rim leapt over a player and banged his elbow on the rim as he was fouled. On the next play, he got the rebound, threw the outlet, filled the lane and caught a beautiful pass in stride and knocked down a effortless 3-pointer. Long, athletic, nice wing handle and range, this kid has the tools. We are eager to see him become the man and develop that alpha mentality moving forward. Keep close watch.