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Player: Clarence Rupert | @Clarence24Kobe

Class: 2020

HT: 6’6, 207 pounds

High School: Maury High School, Norfolk VA

GPA: 3.1

High School Statistics: 11.7ppg, 8.0rpg

Coach Frank says: Clarence is an exciting prospect, has an impressive physical profile and a frame that will continue to fill in nicely. A tremendous athlete! Clarence has the ability to impact the game in the paint, using his size and strength to finish inside, crash the boards, and protect the rim. He has a great motor, he is long, and quick off the floor, very quick off of his feet. He is able to keep plays alive on the glass thanks to his quick leaping ability, strength and reach and his 2nd jump ability. Has a very good touch around the rim. Clarence can capably put the ball on the floor on a straight line and generate offense for himself. He can hit face-up jump shots using his size and a very good shot mechanics to his advantage. He does a great job running the floor and filling the lane in transition. Has excellent hands and footwork. He is also adept at moving without the ball, whether he is getting up the floor and spotting up, taking the ball to the rim using simple crossovers or step through’s in transition, or cutting to the rim. Stays active!  He has very good instincts as a scorer. Right now a better shooter from deep when his feet are set but shows the ability as a jump shooter which will improve in time and with reps. He makes turnaround jumpers out of the post and does a good job sealing his defender and asking for the ball. He will dunk on you! He is more comfortable facing the basket and with his rapidly developing perimeter skills it’s obvious his future is as a wing. Can get to the rim on a straight line drive. Has good footwork and lateral quickness, potential to be a multi-positional defender who can make plays on the perimeter and interior. Covers ground nicely! Clarence has all the tools to develop into a dominant player and coaches should monitor his progress going forward. Expect him to be one of the 757’s biggest impact players next year when his role at Maury expands, he will be more than capable of taking on more responsibilities on both ends of the floor. He is surrounded by three established players now so his touches and impact are limited but I have no doubt he has the ability to carry his team in stretches if needed. Very exciting prospect, he’s a player!