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6’5” 2019 Paul Hudson
Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, NC)

College coaches, this write up is directed to you (fans of basketball you will have an interest in this as well as you just cannot deny the highlights and absolute excitement this guy produces). However, College Coaches, there is an unknown player playing at Charlotte Christian School that you should put your eyes on. He is unique, he is productive, he is tough and he is athletic…in fact he checks all of the boxes.

This summer Hudson played travel ball with the Charlotte Dragons. He transferred into Charlotte Christian this season after playing at South Mecklenburg his first couple of years in high school. Hudson’s new coach at Charlotte Christian said, “Hudson oozes potential and upside. He does things that other kid’s cannot do physically, for instance the block he had against Pebblebrook in the Holiday Hoopsgiving event to seal the win was all instincts and not something you see many able to do.”

The lefty is one of those hybrid types who can do a bit of everything on the floor, a truly positionless type of player. Standing 6’5” weight in at 205 pounds and carrying a 7’4” wing span, Hudson has an unbelievable basketball body, when you add in his natural timing and strength playing defense you have some one who is able to be an elite, not high level but and elite, defender at the next level.

Offensively, Hudson is comfortable lining up across the floor. He has a good secondary handle and range that consistently extends beyond the 3-point arc off the catch. He is a mis-match at the high post, able to use his quickness to get downhill or his IQ/skill set to make the right pass or the jump shot. Hudson is also comfortable on the block, where he uses strength, footwork and his wing span to get what he wants.

The state of North Carolina has had a few guys similar to this come through in recent year. Each player, due to their unique ability went under recruited, and each player has had unbelievable college careers up to this point. Juniors Desean Murray (Presbyterian to Auburn) and Kentrell Barkley (East Carolina) also carried similar skill sets and abilities to Hudson.

Through his first six games this season, Hudson is averaging 11.2 points (46% from the field), 10.2 rebounds (29 offensive/32 defensive), 3.2 assists, 1.2 steals and 1.5 blocks per game. As we mentioned he pads the stats across the board as he is in the top 3 on his 5-1 team in each category.

As it currently stands, Hudson carries offers from Mercer and Hampton. If Hoop State history proves correct of past players similar, that list will (should) exponentially grow as he is seen more.