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Gabe Bryant

Dorman (Spartanburg, SC)

-6’9” 2018 Gabe Bryant – Explosive. Plays with a non-stop motor. Very good area rebounder, solid out of area rebounder. Rugged.

-6’4” 2017 Zach Butler (Ohio) – Explosive downhill type lead guard. Solid handle, active defender. Puts up stats across the board. Showed improved form on his jump shot.

-6’8” 2017 Tae Cannon (Catawba) – Good length. Very good timing. Showed a great middle game. Range to 18’. Upside.

-6’ 2017 Tyson McClain – Shooter. Scorer. Deep range with touch.

Gray Collegiate (Columbia, SC)

-6’1” 2019 Tommy Bruner – Tough. 2-way player. Shot well, showed good range. Patience in the half.

-6’ 2019 Khalil Robinson – Good vision. Creates angles off the bounce. Smooth jump shot. Has nice range and great confidence.

-6’6” 2019 Juwan Gary – Took over the game at the end. Best getting downhill, when aggressive shows a nice pull up and explosion at the rim. Great length/athleticism

-6’9” 2018 Mike Marsh – Big frame. Long arms. Half court type of big. Developing, has some upside. Worth monitoring closely.

-6’4” 2017 Jalek Felton (UNC) – Incredibly gifted offensive player. Solid handle, great vision. The full offensive arsenal.

Blythewood (Blythewood, SC)

-6’8” 2018 Robert Braswell – Great length. Toughness & touch on a slender frame. Runs the floor well. Good athlete, chases boards. Range to 3, when his feet are set. Upside.

-6’7” 2017 Keith Matthews (Stetson) – Great length. Plays with a good pace, Played PG for his team. Got into the paint.

-6’1” 2019 Tre Jackson – Scorer. Soft touch with range. Gets into the paint, does his thing. Quick. Solid defender.

-6’4” 2017 Khalil Shakir Harris – Tough. Produces across the floor, good defender, rebounds position. Showed solid 1 & 2 dribbles in half court.

Clyde Trapp

Lower Richland (Columbia, SC)

-6’4” 2017 Clyde Trapp (Clemson) – Plays above the rim. Always around the ball. Good floor vision. Strong frame with good length.

-6’3” 2017 Jacor Nelson (Campbell) – Natural defensive instincts. Good length, very good quick twitch athlete. Nice form.

AC Flora (Columbia, SC)

-6’7” 2019 Christian Brown – High motor. Looks to still be growing. Gets after it on both ends. Has an improved jump shot, legitimate threat. Great in transition.

-6’3” 2017 James Reese (Buffalo) – Great athlete, gets after it on defense. Solid handle in the half court. Defends with intensity, great feet.

-6’10” 2017 Deshawn Thomas – Rim protector. Has great length & timing.

-6’6” 2018 Diamonte Brown – Tough guy. Out of area rebounder. Explosive & strong. Plays within himself.

Greer (Greer, SC)

-5’10” 2019 Magic Moody – Lefty. Has a solid handle. Good length with a confident nature. Showed best when getting downhill, had some stuff in the mid range off 1 & 2 dribble pull ups.

-6’7” 2018 Delmar Moore – Intriguing athlete. Runs the floor well, explosive with good length. Upside guy to start monitoring.

-6’2” 2018 Sam Gravley – Shooter. Had deep range with confidence. Nice touch. Scored well in the mid range.